• The "Why" and "How" of movements and exercises
  • How your aids influence your horse
  • How to "test" if your work is correct
  • The aids for every movement and exercise
  • How to structure a ride and prioritize what to work on
  • How to deal with resistance
  • A system that is simple, easy to understand, and kind
"My eyes have been opened, and I didn't even know they were closed."
– Kris Garrett, Colorado
"I have been riding for 50 years and have had many riding lessons, especially in Germany. But I have never heard anyone explain the way you do! That is a gift for us who would like to learn from you."
– Barbara E., Illinois
"Jane, you completely changed my riding after decades of feeling I wasn't doing something quite right. I cannot thank you enough for your superb teaching style and perfect delivery of those methods. Your approach should be mandatory for anyone taking on new students and anyone trying to improve their riding."
– Janice G., Maryland

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