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Step-by-Step Dressage is not only an easy to follow guide all by itself, but it’s also the perfect complement to the Happy Horse program because you get to watch horses and riders dealing with common training problems in “real-time”.

In Step-By-Step Dressage, you’ll learn:

  • The “Why and “How” of movements and exercises so you can work productively on your own.
  • How to test if your work is correct to avoid being “fooled” by the frame your horse adopts or how he does movements and exercises.
  • How to proactively and effectively deal with the inevitable resistance that comes up while training.
  • The aids for every movement and exercise so you won’t confuse your horse.
  • How to avoid feeling overwhelmed because you’re trying to fix everything at once. Instead, you’ll know how to prioritize and structure a training session.
  • How your aids influence your horse so you know exactly how your seat, legs and reins affect your horse.
  • A system that is simple, easy to understand, and kind—You’ll discover that training a happy horse isn’t rocket science. When you know exactly what to do, the path becomes crystal clear.
  • Not only how to master these skills for your own riding but also how to teach others if you eventually want to build a career as a teacher or trainer and create income from it. (This is the same curriculum that our Jane Savoie Certified Instructors use.)

Module 1
Developing A Language, The Training Scale
(Rhythm and Suppleness)
$750 Value

  • Teaching the A, B, Cs-Teach your horse the “alphabet” so you can “speak” to him with your aids, and he understands exactly what you mean.
  • The Concept of “Forward”-The word “forward” has many subtle uses. Teach your horse not only how to go forward over the ground but to “think” forward in order to create the energy you need to guide and shape him.
  • “Whoa”–Teach your horse to slow down or stop from light aids—An absolute necessity for riding a safe horse.
  • The Working Gaits-Learn the 3 criteria to determine if you’re riding your horse in the working gaits so he can be in the best possible balance.
  • The Training Scale-Rhythm and Suppleness–These first two ingredients in the training scale build a strong foundation for everything that follows.
  • Rhythm and Tempo-Explore the first ingredient in the training scale to know exactly what rhythm and tempo are right for your horse.
  • Suppleness-Learn three essential adjustability questions that help your horse become a supple, willing partner.
  • Suppling the Poll-Learn how to unlock the poll so that the energy you create from behind can flow uninterrupted through your horse’s body and be recycled back to the hind legs.
  • Suppling the Neck-Learn how to supple your horse’s neck so he doesn’t brace against you, AND you have a handy tool to help him relax if he gets nervous or anxious.
  • Suppling the Shoulders-Your horse’s shoulders are your steering mechanism. Mastering the ability to steer makes your horse fun and safe to ride.

“This program was like “cleaning a dirty window.” I could see through it, sort of, but Jane cleaned up all the foggy stuff that was making it hard for me to grasp certain concepts.”

~ Nicole Watts, North Carolina

Module 2
The Training Scale
(Contact and Connection)
$750 Value

  • Tests of Suppleness—Horses can fake us out very easily. Learn simple tests of suppleness so you know for sure that you’re on the right track.
  • The Training Scale–Contact-In order to ride your horse on the bit, you need to offer an inviting, sympathetic contact. Learn how to offer your horse a contact that he’ll want to accept.
  • The Training Scale—Connection-Once you master this simple set of aids, you can put any horse on the bit.
  • Above the Bit–Learn how to deal with a horse that stiffens and comes above the bit so you don’t fight against each other.
  • Teach the Connecting Aids in Stages-Follow this simple 3-step process to clearly explain how to come on the bit.
  • Variations of Connecting Aids-Here you’ll learn variations of the connecting aids so you can put any horse on the bit.
  • Tests of Connection-Some horses are masters at “posing” as if they’re on the bit. Learn how to test the honesty of the connection, and you won’t be faked out by a false frame.
  • Behind the Bit–Teach the horse who hides behind the bit to seek an honest connection with your hand so that he isn’t behind your aids.
  • Evaluate Your Work–Use the first three ingredients of the training scale as a handy checklist to check that you’re doing high quality work.
  • Keep Your Horse On the Bit–Learn how to give two sets of aids at once in order to keep your horse on the bit during movements and exercises.
  • Connective Tissue–When you use two sets of aids as connective tissue for corners, serpentines, lengthenings, free walk, stretchy circles, and lateral work, you’ll find that everything flows as one seamless piece.

“I have arrived home after 28 hours of traveling time, but absolutely well worth it. I have been to many clinics and lessons over the years, and I have to say this was the best thing I have ever been to. To have things broken down in an easy to do and understandable way is just awesome.”

~ Jenny Haines, Australia

Module 3
Movements and Exercises, Training Scale
(Impulsion, Straightness, Collection)
$750 Value

  • Geometry of School Figures (Circles, Serpentines, Loops)-You need to ride accurate figures to increase obedience, lateral suppleness (flexibility), and straightness.
  • Counter-Canter–Learn how to school counter canter to improve balance and obedience.
  • Preparatory Half Halts–Ride accurate transitions by engaging the hind legs and making your horse more attentive through the use of preparatory half halts
  • Leg Yielding–Increase suppleness and obedience with a clear understanding of leg yielding (Aids, Places, Patterns)
  • The Training Scale–Continue learning about the Training Scale (impulsion, straightness, collection) so you have a clear guideline for training and a formula for problem solving as you advance through the levels.
  • Straightness-Strengthen the hind legs equally by learning how to straighten your horse both by improving bend and by riding in “first position”.
  • Collection-Teach your horse to can carry himself better, and he’ll be more fun to ride.
  • Half Halts-Learn how to give effective half halts so you can call your horse to attention and bring him to a more perfect state of balance.
  • Timing Half Halts–Learn the importance of timing your half halts to engage the hind legs.
  • Half Halts During Movements—Learn how to use half halts within movements to increase collection and self-carriage.

“I have experienced amazing (A-M-A-Z-I-N-G) dressage instruction by Jane Savoie that was meticulous, imminently understandable, FUN, memorable, made sense, and was wonderfully effective. Jane stuck to the training scale religiously, her techniques were very easy to understand and were very effective, and the results on every horse including mine were a happier, more supple horse."

~ Deanna Daneshmend, Canada

Module 4
Advanced Lateral Work, Flying Changes,
Becoming Independent, Problem Solving
$750 Value

  • Shoulder-In–Shoulder-In is the father of the advanced lateral exercises. Use it to straighten and collect your horse.
  • Renvers–Renvers is the mirror image of shoulder-in and is used to loosen, supple, and engage your horse.
  • Haunches-In—Use haunches-in to loosen, supple, and engage your horse as well as for problem solving.
  • Half Pass—Use half passes to supple and engage your horse so you can improve his self-carriage.
  • Turn on The Haunches-Learn this preliminary exercise to lay a foundation for doing walk pirouettes.
  • Working Pirouettes– Master this preparatory exercise for doing good canter pirouettes.
  • Preparation for Flying Changes-Learn the three things your horse must be able to do before he can do clean flying changes.
  • Flying Changes-Learn the aids and timing for flying changes so your horse clearly understands what you’re asking.
  • Become an Independent Rider-Learn how to do a variety of “tests” to check the correctness of your work when you’re by yourself.
  • Problem Solving-By using “Benign Antagonism”, you’ll have the tools to solve any problem whether it’s your own position issue or a training problem. This training approach works for ALL types, breeds, and temperaments. No horse has to fall by the wayside because he doesn’t fit into an arbitrary mold or system.

“Jane’s programs are always upbeat and life changing for both riders and teachers.”

~ Isabelle Aube, Canada

As you can see, each of the 4 Modules covers 10 techniques for a total of 40 lessons and more than 24 hours of video.

Most lessons with a qualified teacher cost anywhere from $60-$150 per session. Even if you could master a technique with one lesson and pay only $60, you’d still be investing $2,400 to hear all of these techniques just once.

But if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have to review a lesson anywhere from 4 to 15 times to really understand all the nuances of even one technique like putting your horse on the bit, riding shoulder-in, or doing flying changes.

All that repetition is a normal and necessary part of learning any new skill. But what that means is that even if you calculate the value of the lessons at a conservative $60/session, having to repeat and review them easily turns your investment in your education from $2,400 into tens of thousands of dollars.

So you can see that covering 40 lessons for a total of $497 is a tremendous opportunity compared to the tens of thousands of dollars you could spend over time learning in the traditional way.

Plus you and your family can watch the lessons over and over at no extra cost in the comfort of your own home or with the convenience of a DVD player at the barn so you can review the lessons just before you ride. And that’s for a lifetime!

But the best news of all is that during this 4-day holiday special, you’ll be able to add these lessons to your library at an incredibly affordable price. So ACT NOW because this offer only lasts through this Friday, December 7.

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By the way, when you invest in ALL 4 Step-by-Step Dressage modules today, I’ll add three BONUSES valued at $97 which include:

  • How to Structure a Schooling Session and Decide What to Prioritize
  • Clear Negative Emotions Like Fear, Frustration, Lack of Self-Confidence, and Anger Using The Emotional Freedom Technique
  • How To Supple And Connect Your Horse

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“You are the only one who can take so much knowledge and tightly knit it into the scaffolding of the training scale so that everyone can simplify and organize every ride.”

~ Kathleen Olender, Las Vegas, Nevada

“I was asked by a dressage judge to summarize your teaching in a few short words, and the first word out of my mouth was “clarity”. Clarity of the aids, Clarity of the movements, and clarity of purpose.”

~ Tina Sprecher, NC

“I have been riding for 50 years and have had many riding lessons, especially in Germany. But I have never heard anyone explain the way you do! That is a gift for us who would like to learn from you.”

~ Barbara E, Illinois

“My eyes have been opened, and I didn’t even know they were closed.”

~ Kris Garrett, Colorado

“Jane, you completely changed my riding after decades of feeling I wasn’t doing something quite right. I cannot thank you enough for your superb teaching style and perfect delivery of those methods. Your approach should be mandatory for anyone taking on new students and anyone trying to improve their riding.”

~ Janice G., Maryland


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